GG's Extensions...

Are you…

Sick of your flat, limp, life-less hair?  Have you struggled with thin hair for years and would to have the experience of thick, voluminous hair?

Have you used clip in extensions for years and find that as a result your are losing your hair in patches?

Is your hair getting you down, and you just want to feel good again about your hair?  We never underestimate the importance of hair to a woman and how confident she feels about herself and life generally.

We will check the suitability of your hair for micro ring hair extensions!

If your hair is suitable we will help to match the texture and color of the hair extensions to your natural hair.  In addition to great Remy Hair Packages for clients with European or Asian textured hair, we are of the few salons in London to provide Afro-Relaxed and Kinky Straight hair textures to match Afro and Mixed Race hair types when it comes to micro-ring extensions.

We usually custom order/bespoke order our hair extensions hair so that it matches your hair texture and desired hair color as closely as possible.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Is your hair dry, frizzy, damaged?  Is your hair breaking? Are you struggling to grow your hair?

Do you despair when it looks like it’s going to rain because you’re concerned that your hair will frizz up like a lion’s mane?

Do you keep relaxing your hair even though you know that the harsh chemicals are making your hair fall out?

Do you run your fingers through your hair and find that clumps of hair break off in your hands?

Are you spending a fortune on weaves, wigs and hair pieces to cover up the hair loss and bald patches which have gotten worse and worse over the years?

And finally…

Would you like get your hands on a system for your hair which will:

*Stop the breakage NOW

*Help your hair to grow faster, thicker, longer and stronger?

*Would you like your hair to look shiny, sleeker and not frizz up at the first drop of rain?

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions or find yourself nodding, then you are in exactly the right place.

Ready to get started? Contact us today.

Finding the right Weaveologist hairdresser can be very difficult…

If you have had weaves or hair extensions done before, you’ve probably had at least one not so great experience where:

*The stylist was too rough with your hair?

*The weave was done too tight causing you to have a headache for many days?

*You ended up with a distinctly square boxed shaped bulky head because the braids were not done correctly?

*Been disappointed that you spent a lot of money on a weave or hair extensions but ended up removing it yourself a week later because you couldn’t stand it?

GG’s Hair Extensions Boutique – Weaveologist Hairdresser Specialist

When you get your weave or hair extensions done with us, you will:

*have your weave extensions done by an afro hairdresser who is a specialist with over 15 years of experience working with African American and mixed textured hair in addition to European and Asian hair;

*get a super natural looking hair weave.  An excellent weave is one where people say to you “Oh your hair has grown” or “You look great, but I can’t put my finger on what has changed”, or “What! You have a weave on? Noooo waay, I thought it was your real hair”

*have a personalised hair weave – during our consultation with you, we analyse your hair and give you suggestions on the most suitable weave method for your hair and lifestyle.

*be treated with the utmost care and respect.   We will not pull your hair. It is important that the weave is not too tight as this can lead to hair loss. We are leading the salon revolution in helping clients to maintain, repair and strengthen their natural hair and we can advise you on ways to take care of and grow your natural hair

*have the option to buy hair in a variety of textures including kinky straight, kinky curly, afro relaxed, wavy and straight textures to give you the most natural looking result.  If you plan to leave out a section of your hair, then hair which matches closely your natural texture will give you the best result

*our hair weaves and hair extensions are suitable for clients with African American, Mixed Textured, European and Asian hair types.

Are you looking for natural hair care…?

We provide hair treatments, hair cuts & trims, styling, wash & blow dries…all the services you need to keep your hair looking beautiful…

Are you looking for a protective style or a hair loss solution…?

We custom make wigs and hair pieces in the salon tailored to your needs. We apply, remove and maintain wigs and hair pieces for our clients…

Hair Extensions Questions and Answers

We bring you the latest trend from Brazil – Brazilian Knots. This method is kind to the hair.  It is one of the safest hair extensions method as no glue, tape or heat is used.

Brazilian knots is the longest lasting but safe hair extensions method that we know of.

You can save on time and money as you only need to get the extensions done once every 3-4 months. The extensions will safely grow out with your natural hair.

We take small sections of your hair – around 2mm in thickness, take about an equal amount of raw hair.  We then place the raw hair over your natural hair and wrap the hair in elastic thread. After that we tie several knots. As elastic thread is used to add the extensions hair to your hair, your natural hair remains safe, healthy and strong. The hair extensions is very very secure.

We believe that this is the best hair extensions technique currently available.  This hair extensions method is suitable for all hair types, including European, Afro-Caribbean, mixed textured and Asian hair types.

If you have African American hair or mixed textured hair types, we recommend that you get the Kerastraight Keratin Treatment. This helps soften the curl pattern, reduce frizz and make your natural hair super easy to manage.

The Brazilian Knots is an integration extensions method which needs to blend in with your natural hair. The Kerastraight Keratin Treatment makes washing, blow drying and styling the hair much easier and faster. This means that your natural hair will blend in and continue to blend in perfectly with the extensions hair.

Micro ring hair extensions applied by a specialist like us will give you the most natural looking, beautiful, extensions.